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Sauna and steam bath in the Mexican Hotel "Hacienda Mexicana"

The small but cosy sauna area in the "Hacienda Mexicana" has a lot to offer: an attractive design, a variety of warming and heating areas, plenty of space and variety to relax.

The Hacienda Mexicana provides a range of offers in the spa area. Just choose according to your mood one of the sauna or steam room experiences. Afterwards you can treat yourself to refreshment in a multi-sensory shower. The following saunas are awaiting you during your stay in the "Hacienda Mexicana".

Finnish sauna "Chihuahua"

The classical - after a day on the slopes of the ski resort Goldeck you can recharge your batteries for the next skiing days in the sun.
The cooling afterwards will bring your circulation going again.

Turkish "Maijoma"

You can also relax at lower temperatures and higher humidity in the steam room. For people with sensitive circulation the steam room is the ideal place to chill.

Organic herbal sauna "Sonora"

The herbal infusions and essential oils of the organic sauna will tantalise your senses. And due to the lower temperature, it is easier on your circulation compared to the Finnish sauna.

Infrared sauna "Barranca del Cobre"

The heat provided by the infrared cabin is transported to the inside of your body via your blood and lymph. The infrared heat ensures a gentle and steady increase of your body temperature. The rapid and healthy sweat reaction is already achieved with a temperature of about 35 ° C.

The sauna has many positive effects on health and the well-being. Circulatory, skin, respiratory and more will benefit from the healthy heat.

Secure yourself a healthy and relaxing spa holiday in Carinthia. Please contact us for further information and for your room inquiry.


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