Hacienda Mexicana - A little piece of Mexico in Spittal

Hacienda Mexicana - A little piece of Mexico in SpittalThe Hacienda Mexicana offers 6 double rooms, 2 single rooms (all including shower and toilet) and 2 themed rooms as well as a Mexican -Love- Suite. The rooms are decorated and furnished in Mexican style. The interior is mainly imported from Mexico and adds to the Mexican flair of our hacienda.

The rooms are named after Mexican cities, such as Guadalajara, Merida, Oaxaca, Palenque, Puebla, Veracruz, Chichenitza and Cancun. In each room you will find the story and description of the city that you stay in.

In the themed room Cancun you can rest, relax and dream in a water bed made of bamboo - under a thatched roof, surrounded by palm trees and fresh fruits.

As the themed room Chichen Itza is located in the attic, you will feel as one of the ancient Mayans living in a pyramid. All the rooms are equipped with flat screen, safe, and minibar.

The Mexican Love Suite offers a jacuzzi and a starred sky as well as many romantic details for just the two of you!

For business travellers during the week, who are usually on their own, we have a special room mate that keeps them entertained – a gold fish named after famous Mexican freedom fighters whose histories should help the travellers to entertaining and adventurous dreams.

On weekends, we offer several packages and surprises for tourists and guests who are looking for a time to relax.


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