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Breakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina Mexicana

Breakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina MexicanaAt our breakfast buffet we offer a traditional Viennese breakfast:

  • stirred from real chocolate - hot chocolate
  • coffee, tea, or cocoa
  • orange juice
  • bread, wholemeal biscuits and assorted breads
  • butter
  • selection of jams
  • different cheeses and ham
  • boiled egg

Breakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina MexicanaBreakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina MexicanaBreakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina MexicanaBreakfast in the Hacienda & Cantina Mexicana

Themed Breakfast

Additionally, we offer a special, daily-changing breakfast from various countries:

flaggen 0005 grMonday: Greek Breakfast (vegetarian)
Kombucha / Gingko, feta cheese, onions, olives, peppers,
Tzatziki and Halloumi (fried cheese) with white bread

flaggen 0004 itTuesday: Italian Breakfast
Cappuccino, grapefruit juice, white bread, prosciutto, Italian salami,
tomatoes, mozzarella and melon

flaggen 0009 caWednesday: Canadian Breakfast
Coffee/ tea, apricot juice, scrambled eggs with bacon and beans,
pancakes, maple syrup and peanut butter

flaggen 0001 usThursday: American Breakfast
Coffee/ tea, fruit juice, toasted bread, sausages,
potatoes with bacon and scrambled eggs

flaggen 0002 seFriday: Swedish Breakfast
Coffee / tea, elderflower juice, crisp bread, Filmjölk (Swedish buttermilk),
cereals/ oatmeal served with cinnamon, sugar and berry compote

flaggen 0003 mxSaturday: Mexican Breakfast
Coffee / Mexican chocolate, pineapple juice, pico de gallo, guacamole,
warm tortillas, fried eggs with slices of avocado, tropical fruit cocktail

flaggen 0007 frSunday: French Gourmet Breakfast
Prosecco (sparkling wine), smoked salmon, shrimp with cocktail sauce,
horseradish cream, French baguettes


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