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Enjoy Freedom – rent a Harley Davidson!

For a day, for a weekend, for yourself or as a gift for a special occasion – the Harley offers a way out of everyday life – on your own or with a friend – at fair conditions.

For your reservation please call:
Tel. +43 (0) 4762 42837
Or book directly on our website!

Harley DavidsonTo confirm the reservation you will need a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The comprehensive insurance is included in the price only in the following countries: Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and in the province of Istria (Croatia).
The deductible for damage is EUR 400, -.
The deposit of EUR 400, (deductible) is due at the handover of the Harley Davidson. Your credit card will be registered, but not charged. The deposit can be paid in cash or by check. Without a deposit, the acquisition of the motorcycle is not possible.

Price list

Model/price1 day1 holidayWeekend5 days1 week
Sportster XR1200€ 69,-€ 79,-€ 139,-€ 260,-€ 350,-


Harley Davidson for one Evening

Do you spontaneously feel like going on a trip with the bike? Now you have the chance to rent the Harley for just one evening (depending on availability)!

Evening rent: € 44,00
Time: between 5 pm and 10 pm
125 km for free

Subject to availability, no reservation possible. 

Pick up & drop-off times

Daily rental:
Mon-Fri from 10.00 am - 9.00 am (the following day)
Holidays from 5.00 pm - 9.00 am (the following day)

Weekend rent:
SA 10.00 am  to MO 9.00 am

Rent per week:
Pick-up weekdays: 10.00 am
Return one week later at 9.00 am

Daily rent for Saturdays or Sundays on request! 


The landlord reserves the right not to rent the bike in individual cases. The vehicle may only be used in Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Province of Istria (Croatia). Driving on racetracks is prohibited.
Rental only on Saturdays and Sundays is not possible. All prices incl. 20% VAT.


The ability to drive a motorcycle
Deposit in cash or with a credit card
Valid driving license for motorcycles (license category A)
Minimum age of 23 years
The motorcycle must be parked safely, i.e. the machine must not be accessible to third parties (garage, secure parking).
Motorcycle clothing has to be worn on your own risk. The vehicles are fuelled and cleaned and must be brought back as such. Otherwise the cleaning will be charged (prices according to garage price list)
Free km 250 per rental day (250 km holiday, weekend 500 km).
Charge for additional kilometres: 0.60 / km

Prices for events:

We try to ensure fair prices also for major events (e.g. The European Bike Week) despite of increased demand. We are happy to create special offers for these special events. The prices above will vary during the times of special events.  Prices above are not valid in these periods. Rentals on a daily basis are only possible at short notice. For longer rentals please pre-reserve  well in advance.

Extra kilometres for additional packages (only in advance)
Extra kilometres can be booked at the following price:
100 km 40, -
300 km 110.-
700 km 250.-

Harley Davidson Booking

Type of request:
Street, No.:
ZIP / City:
Further questions or requests:
Desired period:
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